Preparing for School

Many parents feel unable to help because education is changing so quickly but you can make a major contribution.  Indeed, we believe that only if parents, children and teachers work together will a child work effectively.  We welcome parental input and value the expertise parents bring.  It is also vital that we actively seek your regular feedback and updates regarding your child’s progress at home, so that we have as full a picture as possible of their unique skills, knowledge, understanding and abilities.

Parents can:

  • Set aside time to discuss the move from pre-school to Reception with their child.  S/he will have mixed feeling about new faces and a new setting.
  • Make sure they are properly equipped for each day.
  • Check their Journal every night for activities, messages and other information and sign once a week.
  • Encourage them by being positive about their achievements and talking about what they have been learning and doing in school.
  • Avoid term time holidays.
  • Try to attend Parent Teacher Consultations.
  • Label every item of clothing with their name and encourage them to take responsibility for key items of clothing such as school sweatshirts.  If your child recognises his or her names, this can be very reassuring when they are locating their own things.
  • Help your child with their independent toilet routines: reassure them that they will be able to go to the toilet in school whenever they need to, and remind them about flushing and hand washing routines, as we will too.
  • If your child is not yet confident with other personal skills, such as wiping their own nose, using a knife and fork or getting shoes and PE clothing on and off independently, aim to reinforce these simple skills at home before September, as well as during the year ahead, to give your child confidence to be independent and reduce any anxiety.  Help will always be at hand, however, and Velcro fastenings on shoes can be a good interim measures in the early stages.
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