Online Learning Resources

To access a range of specific learning activities provided for children in each of the Hunsley Primary classes, the following link enables parents to log in to the Online Learning Platform for Hunsley Primary:

Online Learning Platform

Follow this link for a video guide to the Online Learning Platform:

In order to support our children and parents the school subscribes to the following online learning resources:

To access these resources you will require the username and password that has been issued by the school.

In addition to the school’s subscribed resources, please find below the following free online learning resources that parents/carers may find useful:

Where parents and carers might find it useful to access support for children’s health and wellbeing, for example where a child has an additional need or specific support programme, there are also some links below which can be explored:

Family Links – free resources for parents and carers

Humber Health Visitors

British Council

The East Riding Local Offer

Young Minds Charity website

Emotional Support (ELSA) resources

Thinkuknow: ‘esafety’

Get Safe Online


Please note: these are not school based resources and as with any online website or application we would suggest that the usual e-safety measures are followed and users should ensure that they are happy with the specific user agreements for any website or application they wish to use.


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