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Samantha Timson

For us, the fact that Hunsley Primary is connected with South Hunsley, a school that has a good reputation locally, is something that we felt would really benefit William. We were really keen about the opportunity to get involved with his primary school from the very beginning and all the communication we have had with Hunsley Primary has made us feel that it is very local. We have felt very involved and a part of its development and feel very much that it’s focused on children.

It is the right school for William and we feel he will be really happy at there and he’ll get an all-round education with great opportunities.

Tanya Riseam

The teachers we have met have been really inspiring and the way the open days have been arranged has been second to none – it has filled us with great deal of confidence and we know Hunsley Primary will be right for Aaron’s learning and development.

Grant Taylor

Being involved in a school that has a fantastic teaching environment has been very beneficial to us.

Mrs Cassanell

Hunsley Primary is a really great school and we were very impressed.

Stacey Turner

As a parent, you always wonder how to help your child and the Hunsley Primary Parent Learn sessions have enabled us to obtain lots of really useful information. We are now able to mirror the school's learning technique and use the same language that Hudson is familiar with.

It has been very beneficial and will also benefit Hudson. It has given us, as parents a better understanding of how to support Hudson at home.

Gillian Lambert

Joshua has progressed at a very vast rate since starting at Hunsley Primary in every way possible. He particularly enjoys all the hands on activities. Joshua thoroughly enjoyed the walking bus, talking about traffic and the weather. He loved using the clip board and felt very important. He couldn't be happier.

Andrew Yates

The school being brand new was a bonus and the philosophy behind the teaching is a great strength. The enthusiasm of the teaching staff is fantastic and the mix of modern teaching with strong core values is excellent.

Laura Butcher & Adam Clark

The benefits of our child attending Hunsley Primary are so many. He has so much fun whilst learning in a fantastic school environment which is making his school experience so enjoyable. The school so far has been so intimate and his every needs are catered for. We as parents also feel we are part of something too and are so pleased with how he has settled an is developing.

Mrs Fillingham

I am absolutely amazed by my child's learning progress since starting. There is no price you can put on having a safe, supportive, learning environment.


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