The Importance of Maths

At Hunsley Primary, we use White Rose Maths resources to teach mathematics from Early Years in Reception through to Year 6. All White Rose Maths (WRM) resources are created by specialist maths teachers , who continually develop and revise their materials to respond to national requirements. 

The scheme devotes a great deal of time to the children’s understanding of number. The WRM scheme believes that number underpins almost every area of mathematics. Without firm foundations in number, children are likely to struggle with other aspects of mathematics and so the small steps of the programme really focus on developing firm foundations in this aspect of mathematics. The WRM assessments are designed to check for strengths and gaps in children’s knowledge and we use these, along with the work-books, to deliver our maths teaching.

We also use a range of other maths apps and programmes to build fluency in our pupils, such as Pearson Maths Factor, Numbots and Timestables Rockstars which parents and carers can access at home.

Our classroom challenges extend each lesson to enable the children to apply their learning to problem-solving challenges too. 

To show how we teach maths using a ‘Concrete, Pictorial, Abstract’ model, follow the link below to our Calculation Policy which is based on the White Rose Maths model:

Year 4 Multiplication Tables Check – Information for Parents/Carers

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