Mealtimes and Snacktimes

Just ask any member of the Hunsley community and they’ll tell you about the delicious and nutritious food prepared each day in our busy kitchens.

Our Trust Catering Manager, Eve Wood, and school Cook, Nikki Reynolds, source our meat and vegetables locally on a daily basis, which accounts for our excellent reputation for tasty, freshly-cooked and varied meals, which promote ‘Healthy Eating’ and have earned Hunsley Trust a Healthy School Status Award. Our menu cycle varies from term to term, taking into account the changes in weather, seasonal produce and the changing demands on young children needing plentiful energy and nutrition for moving, thinking and growing.

Reception and Key Stage 1 pupils are entitled to take up a daily free school meal as part of the Universal Infant Free School Meals national initiative, which has been in place since September 2014. We encourage parents to take up the provision of a hot school meal where possible and discuss menu options with their child and encourage them to enjoy the delicious food we have on offer.

Children and staff eat together where possible to enjoy an organised, familial meal.  It is very important to us that lunchtime is a positive and enjoyable experience, where pupils’ good manners and table skills are reinforced. We will support children with their eating and encourage good habits.

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Specific dietary requirements – Including food allergies and intolerances

Please note: We strictly follow specific guidelines with regard to the handling and preparation of foods and hygiene practices; however, we do use a wide range of ingredients in the preparation of food and all our meals are prepared within the same kitchen. Meals, therefore, are not guaranteed as ‘allergen-free’ due to the potential for cross-contamination during food preparation. We do, however, follow all recommended guidelines and risk assessments for the safe handling of ingredients containing allergens and preparation of food.

Ensuring that every child’s individual needs are met is important to us and we work closely with our parents to ensure that we have the relevant information for food provision. Parents/Carers initially notify the school about dietary requirements via our ‘Pupil Information Data Form’ when their child first joins the school and they are also welcome to contact the school directly to arrange a meeting with school staff to go over a specific dietary plan for their child. Where a child has a specific dietary allergy or intolerance the school will work with parents/carers to create and maintain an Individual Health Care Plan. It is the responsibility of all parents/carers to keep the school informed if there are any changes to the dietary requirements of their child.

The school takes a lunchtime meal register at the start of the school day that also details a child’s specific dietary requirements. This is sent to the catering team and meals are then prepared accordingly. Children with a specific dietary requirement also have a personalised placemat that details their food needs. This is used at lunchtime and indicates to the catering team the child should be given an appropriate meal that meets their dietary requirements. As the children take this placemat to the table with them, the lunchtime duty staff are also aware that the meal they have is catered for them and should therefore not be changed, unless an appropriate alternative is required e.g. if they drop their food.

We welcome parents to contact the school if they have any questions about the meals that we serve.

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