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We encourage children at Hunsley Primary to be healthy, active and energetic and we always say ‘We are a Team!’. We look to create opportunities for physical activity in all areas of the school day, from Wake Up routine activities first thing on a morning, to our indoor and outdoor PE and games sessions each week, and lunchtime Playground Leaders’ games.

In terms of the PE curriculum from Reception through to Key Stage 2, our vision is to engage children in real PE sessions with trained specialist PE teachers working across South Hunsley secondary and primary schools. The children are trained to warm up before they get active, develop and control their balance, co-ordination and pace, as well as achieve sporting goals in teams by listening closely, playing as a team-member and following instructions. Children work on developing their gymnastics, dance skills, performance and movement to music. We also shape children’s leadership skills in sporting performance through communication games and team sports, as well as sports days and charity events, such as the NSPCC Sports morning and the Brantingham Run for Fun. Summer sports focus on further developing athletics skills, use of sports equipment and understanding of scoring and strategy, for example in cricket and tennis, culminating in our Sports Day, which we share with older pupils from the secondary, through the involvement of the Sports Leaders.

We also enjoy the benefit of being part of the East Riding Sports Partnership, as well as working with coaches such as those from Tigers’ Trust, Fit4Fun, the Yorkshire Cricket Board. Plus, we look for additional enrichment activities such as after-school clubs and one-off events (skate and scoot workshops; golf tasters; South Hunsley Primary sports festivals)

Working alongside our PE and sports specialist teacher and Senior Sports Leaders in the Sixth Form, our primary staff have an excellent network of sports expertise to offer the children, including after school sessions of team multi-sports and sports coaching.

The grassed outdoor areas at Hunsley Primary are safe, secure and spacious – ideal for running, team-sports, dance and role-play. Hard-standing play areas provide space for ball games, scooter-safety sessions and practical work.

Our designated indoor PE area provides a location for indoor PE (netball, football, benchball and so on) as well as dance, yoga, performance to music and drama activities.

Our close proximity to Hunsley Sports (Climbing Wall, Dance Studio, 3G, Sports Hall and Gym) provides a wide range of opportunities for our pupils to be engaged by sport and recreation during the school day, but also after school as we develop our range of clubs and activities.

Staying Fit, Well and Healthy at Hunsley Primary

The children know we place a high importance on their physical health and wellbeing!

Having the right PE equipment and kit for outdoor play goes a long way to engaging the pupils in sports, physical activity and games. We use our Sports Premium to top up the kits we have in school, purchasing games boxes with equipment for playground physical play, as well as the more specialised equipment for PE. There is usually no shortage of balls of all types, bats, bean-bags, hoops, ropes, crates, racquets and cones for creative physical play.

We like to encourage the children to make up their own games and try out new things, rather than lead them or restrict them in what they might play. Each class is responsible for their own box of equipment and nominate Sports Leaders to take out equipment at playtime and lunch. There are also inclusive games, board games and orienteering resources to be used whenever needed. The children have recently been taking part in a Daily Mile, too!

Looking After Myself Before, During and After Games 

The children learn how best to warm-up and cool down; risk assess activities and check for safety as a team; and understand how to look after their bodies when taking part in sports.

As the children get older, they are supported to take more responsibility for their kit and their own items in school. They are encouraged to check and pack their own PE kit, remove watches for sports, and in Years 5 and 6, if children wear earrings, then they are asked to remove them independently, to be safe for sports lessons – if this is not possible, they are asked to temporarily cover them with plaster or tape to protect themselves and others during the PE activity. If children cannot remove their own earrings, please do not send them in earrings to school. Children are also asked to put their glasses, where appropriate, in a safe place, and make sure they have their name in all items of their uniform and PE clothing.

As they begin the journey of transition to Key Stage 3 and secondary school, those who might require pre-activity medication for asthma are helped to manage this with increasing independence, and those who require deodorant are encouraged to use this responsibly. We ask that any child bringing deodorant in Y5 or 6 brings a roll-on type, as opposed to an aerosol type, out of consideration for others with allergies and asthma.

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