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We encourage children at Hunsley Primary to be healthy, active and energetic and we always say ‘We are a Team!’. We look to create opportunities for physical activity in all areas of the school day, from our Walking Bus and Wake Up, Shake Up activities first thing on a morning, to our indoor and outdoor PE and games sessions each week and our plentiful hands-on outdoor learning activities so important to our enquiry-based, science learning vision.

In terms of the PE curriculum from Reception through to Key Stage 2, our vision is to engage children in real PE sessions with trained specialist PE teachers working across South Hunsey secondary and primary schools. The children are trained to warm up before they get active, develop and control their balance, co-ordination and pace, as well as achieve sporting goals in teams by listening closely, playing as a team-member and following instructions. Children work on developing their gymnastics, dance skills, performance and movement to music. We also shape children’s leadership skills in sporting performance through communication games and team sports, as well as sports days and charity events. Summer sports focus on further developing skills, use of sports equipment and team work, culminating in our Sports Day, which we will share with older pupils both from the secondary, through the involvement of the Sports Leaders.

Working alongside our PE and sports specialist teacher and Senior Sports Leaders in the Sixth Form, our primary staff have an excellent network of sports expertise to offer the children, including after school sessions of team multi-sports and sports coaching.

The grassed outdoor areas at Hunsley Primary are safe, secure and spacious – ideal for running, team-sports, dance and role-play. Hard-standing play areas provide space for ball games, scooter-safety sessions and practical work.

Our designated indoor PE area provides a location for dance, yoga, performance to music and drama activities.

Our close proximity to Hunsley Sports (Climbing Wall, Dance Studio, 3G, Sports Hall and Gym) provides a wide range of opportunities for our pupils to be engaged by sport and recreation during the school day, but also after school as we develop our range of clubs and activities.

Schools receive Sports Premium Funding to ensure sustainable, meaningful and effective engagement in sports for all pupils.

Hunsley Primary Sports Premium Spending 2016-17

Hunsley Primary Sports Premium Spending 2017-18

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