Reporting and Assessment

Hunsley Primary reports formally twice a year to parents and carers, so that you have a timely update on your child’s academic progress, school attendance and achievement of the Hunsley Primary Characteristics of Learning (please see our Hunsley Primary Assessment Policy and our Feedback Policy on our school polices page). These formal reports contribute to the communications we share on your child’s progress through a wider programme of contact, including Parents’ Progress Events and Open Classroom Consultations. We also are very happy to meet with parents and carers in between these formal events and reports to discuss your child’s progress at any point in the year. 

The two formal reports which are sent home differ slightly in content:

Spring Report:

A data-only summary of your child’s achievement in the core subject areas (maths, reading, writing, science), attendance and their attitude to learning (Hunsley Primary Characteristics of Learning).

Summer Report:

An end of year, data and text report across all subject areas, attendance and attitude to learning (Hunsley Primary Characteristics of Learning) and Next Steps for the year ahead.

For more information about how we assess during the term (summative), and on a day-to-day basis in the classroom (formative assessment), as well as for more information on the standardised testing we use in maths, reading and writing, please see our Assessment Policy.

The Hunsley Primary Characteristics of Learning

These skills- and attitude-based criteria help children focus on how to develop more broadly in their approach as learners, including making a valuable contribution to the team, the school and the learning of others. Based on the original EYFS Characteristics of Effective Learning and our school Values, the school has created a set of skills, qualities and abilities which we believe all learners should possess, no matter their age, in order to achieve their full potential.

Hunsley Primary Characteristics of Learning

At whole school level, we use a secure online system called Insight, a national assessment and reporting tool, which enables progress to be tracked and evidence of children’s development and learning to be collated. In addition to Insight, we use the online portal Tapestry for some of our EYFS observation, and also use SIMS to centrally track attendance.

At the end of the Reception year, parents and carers will receive a copy of their child’s Early Years Profile Scores. At the end of Year 1, parents and carers will be notified of their child’s achievements in the Phonics Screening Check. At the end of Key Stage 2, parents will be notified of their child’s achievement in national testing (SATS) and this data can also be found on our Outcomes section of the website.


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