Phonics and Early Reading

Phonics and Early Reading

We use a range of resources to teach early reading and to enable children to acquire and develop their phonics skills, ready for sustained application as they progress through the school. Phonics application is such an important part of progressing in reading and writing, so we teach discrete synthetic phonics lessons from the first week of school onward.

The EYFS and Year 1 team teach phonics through a discrete synthetic phonics programme, Bug Club Phonics, which also follows a phonetically matched reading scheme, essential for ensuring children have opportunities to practise and embed knowledge of new sounds.  The daily taught inputs are delivered in whole class scenarios with individual and group additional interventions or pre-teaching where needed. Children also read individually with the EYFS staff each week. The children’s Reading Record helps parents to support this at home too and inform parents of any new sounds and words learnt weekly in school.

These approaches continue into Year 1, where children continue to develop their Phase 4 and 5 phonics skills, their individual reading fluency and application, as well as their specific reading skills, with approaches to reading, such as inference and prediction, which are explicitly taught and supported within our English sessions.

The school uses Pearson Active Learn and Bug Club as a reading scheme, which includes giving parents access to the online portal which is great for developing independent reading and comprehension skills at home. The scheme also provides progression for Key Stage 1 and 2, with stage matched assessments and further reading recommendations, to consolidate the children’s developing reading skills.

Additional strategies used to support reading for pleasure include daily story time, reading buddies, use of the school library, Story Book Club, weekly fun reading challenges and a school book swap which are implemented throughout the school.

As parents and carers, you might want to find out more about phonics and there are many sites which you can browse to help. Start with Pearson Bug Club Phonics, so that you are aware of our own chosen scheme, but then why not have a look at these resources below to help you support your child in learning and applying their phonics skills?

Phonics Play

Read with Phonics – what is phonics?

BBC Bitesize- Support your child’s reading at home

The National Centre on Improving Literacy




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