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TEAL Admissions Policy 2024-25
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Normal Admissions Round 24-25 – FAQs

There are two different types of admissions – those to start school at the ‘normal’ time for the start of the Reception, and those for places in other year groups or at any other time – these are called ‘in-year’ applications for school places.

In-year applications are made for example when a child is already attending one school and the parent/carers wish to move their child from one school to another, and when a family moves to a different area and needs a new school place for their child(ren).

Whilst the admission authority for our school is the academy trust, admissions applications are co-ordinated by the Local Authority, East Riding of Yorkshire Council.

If you would like to visit the school when considering making an application, you are welcome to join us at one of our open events or please call 01482 330883 to arrange a visit.

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