Our curriculum, from Reception to Year 6, at Hunsley Primary is led by exciting thematic topics, each explored firstly through a key area of scientific investigation about the world around us. We start with the science and discuss, predict and reflect to inspire our children to think about big ideas such as time, life, space, light, food, or energy.

Teachers are trained to observe, question and skilfully encourage children to think, planning learning around the interests of the children and the specific skills they need to master. We even begin in Reception in this way, engaging our pupils as thinkers and explorers.

We have designed our Reception curriculum to meet the Hunsley Primary vision for enquiry based learning and to maximise the progress of our pupils.  Our curriculum and our approach to teaching combine a thoughtful balance between ‘teacher-directed’ and ‘pupil-initiated’ learning which provides an ideal context for children to engage in enquiry, discovery and reflection to be confident in expressing their ideas, happy to make independent choices, proficient in using ICT and keen to explore the world around them.

Our curriculum offers innovative learning opportunities which are stimulating and challenging, to generate a lifelong love of learning and discovery in our children. Learning at Hunsley Primary will provide pupils with the skills and confidence they will need to progress through the education system and possess the rigour required for examination subjects.

We want to make all our learning opportunities flexible and allow pupils to take part in activities that are appropriate for their developing abilities and skills. The key to this kind of personlisation is having an innovative curriculum which allows us to focus upon the pupils’ current needs. Our curriculum is organised to offer clear progression through and across topics to enable stretch and flexibility for those making significant progress and those needing additional support.

Our personalisation should ensure that every child can develop a lasting understanding, mastering the skills and knowledge in each curriculum area and deepening their grasp of important concepts. They will come home from school to let parents know about their enjoyable day and share what they have discovered, feeling proud of what they have achieved. We hope our style of learning will allow pupils to become fully involved in their own progress and help them to understand the skills they possess and the areas they enjoy. This will mean they can take responsibility for assessing their own work and setting targets for future learning, which are key requirements as they progress through secondary school and beyond.

Developing Mathematical and Scientific Thinking

We aim to develop the new national curriculum programmes for science and mathematics in order to inform the way topics are covered in other subjects too. These two subjects, in particular, have been identified nationally as being vital for progress and success in a rapidly changing and advancing world for all elements of academic research and industry: digital technology, engineering, renewable energy, and so on. We want our pupils to be confident analysts and thinkers, able to understand the complicated world around them. Our passion for mathematics and science is absolutely in line with the drive of national bodies such as the National Centre for Learning in Science and the Royal Society of Science and Mathematics, as well as high-profile scientists such as Professor Robert Winston, to promote the enjoyment of such vital areas of study from a very young age. If children learn to love mathematics and science from their primary years, they will move onwards with confidence into their secondary years and beyond.

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