We have a specific curriculum vision at Hunsley Primary which acknowledges the context of the school, our children and our staff as part of a team learning journey from primary to secondary within a successful Multi Academy Trust partnership.
We want our children to be knowledgeable and creative, confident to apply what they know in order to make a significant contribution. We know our children very well, and we know how the school can serve our specific pupils: we see how Hunsley children come to school with a thirst for learning from families who want their children to be involved in a thriving environment. We also know our children are engaged, thoughtful people with a strong sense of care for each other, the community they live in and the value they themselves can offer.
  • Our children tell us they love to learn and the curriculum is the heart of the school. The knowledge and understanding our children gain, and the ways in which the children are taught, make each school day vibrant and engaging for pupils and teachers alike.
  • Our aim is to deliver a subject specific curriculum which meets the needs of every single pupil in school, basing our planning on rigorous assessment and observation, mapping out challenging and supportive next steps. We plan our curriculum activities and our personalised teaching and learning approach to address the needs of the pupils in our care and to make sure they leave school each day enthused and excited about learning. Hunsley Primary is above all an inclusive school – we know our children and we understand that this is the key to helping them progress.
  • Our teachers plan together within their ‘Curriculum Groups’; in this way, we all can see the steps of progression from Reception to Year 6. Teachers are trained to observe, question and skilfully encourage children to think, planning learning both around the interests of the children and the specific knowledge they need to master. We begin in Reception in this way, engaging our pupils as thinkers and explorers.

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