Hunsley Primary is proud to announce collaboration with Gaia Technologies

Hunsley Primary is very proud to announce our forthcoming collaboration with Gaia Technologies, the company chosen to deliver our school’s exciting educational ICT plan.

With a proven track record of working alongside the Department for Education in other free schools to create fantastic digital learning experiences, Gaia has been listed in the top 1000 Companies to Inspire Britain, 2015, which is a landmark report that identifies the UK’s most exciting businesses.

Gaia Technologies is a market leader, specialising in innovative 3D learning experiences. In line with the Hunsley Primary vision for outstanding teaching and learning, Gaia understands that interactive resources can be used in exciting ways to support the teaching and learning taking place in and beyond school. Well –chosen ICT can really boost a child’s achievement, especially when combined with a range of other inspiring and personalised teaching strategies, such as the physical and social development children experience in outdoor learning, creative play and hands on group investigation.

Gaia Technologies are clear on the contribution their equipment and systems can make to teaching and learning, especially in forward-thinking and innovative schools:

‘The right school can transform a child’s life and help them achieve things they may never have imagined.’

‘Free Schools have the independence to deliver the curriculum of their choice and adopt the latest technologies and innovative solutions to enhance and improve pupils’ learning experiences.’

Our Reception class will each have access to a brand new tablet on a one-to-one ratio. Through ICT solutions such as mobile wireless learning; home access for parents and children; touch screen classroom technologies; screen mirroring so children can display work from their own tablet to the big screen, and 3D virtual learning experiences, Hunsley Primary will encourage pupils to be actively involved in their own learning and inspired by independent investigations as they progress through the school.

Please click here to visit Gaia Technologies website for further information and read the story behind their technology.

We look forward to working closely with Gaia Technologies as Hunsley Primary opens in September and beyond.

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