Hunsley Primary opens its doors to delighted schoolchildren for the very first time

Hunsley Primary, East Yorkshire’s first free school, has welcomed excited pupils for the very first time on 8th September as it delivers a stimulating and engaging learning experience through its enquiry-based approach to teaching.

Hunsley Primary, which is part of the multi-academy Hunsley Trust, will encourage children to learn through discovery and exploration to develop new skills, knowledge and understanding as part of its scientific, enquiry-based approach to teaching.

The opening of this primary school is a significant step for the Trust, which has reaped the rewards of its innovative teaching ethos through South Hunsley School and Sixth Form College – one of the highest achieving state
schools in the country.

Mrs Samantha Timson from Hotham decided to send her son William, 4, because of the close links to South Hunsley:

“We decided to send William to Hunsley Primary after seeing adverts about its opening. For us, the fact that Hunsley Primary is connected with South Hunsley, a school that has a good reputation locally, is something that we felt would really benefit William. We were really keen about the opportunity to get involved with his primary school from the very beginning and all the communication we have had with Hunsley Primary has made us feel that it is very local. We have felt very involved and a part of its development and feel very much that it’s focussed on children.

“The opportunity to be involved with your primary school from the beginning doesn’t come along very often and we are excited to have the chance to grow and develop with the school. We are enthusiastic and looking forward to the school opening and William is very comfortable about joining Hunsley Primary. He is happy and confident about learning on the South Hunsley site as he has had so much interaction with the Hunsley team and has come up to the school quite a lot already. For us Hunsley Primary is not about the building but the people in it. It is the right school for William and we feel he will be really happy at there and he’ll get an all-round education with great opportunities.”

Lucy Hudson, Hunsley Primary’s headteacher, said: “Our open days last year showed us how excited the children are about coming to Hunsley Primary – this is testament to our exciting and engaging approach to learning which will not only teach them everything they need to know to excel through their school life, but will also provide them with experiences within the classroom which will develop vital skills to help them throughout their life.

“The success of this teaching model has been seen through South Hunsley School and Sixth Form College, which is excelling in many subjects and boasts some of the best exam results in the region and is ranked as one of the best state schools in the UK for sport.

“We have carefully selected a team which matches our vision for the primary school and they are raring to go. Every school day will be an exciting and engaging one for the schoolchildren, which will inspire and motivate them to want to be excited to come to school.”

The school, which will provide 210 places for children, will allow pupils to take part in hands-on scientific learning activities which are rarely seen in a primary setting and have access to the most up to date wireless technologies to help them generate a lifelong love of learning, enquiry and discovery. The curriculum, which will have science and maths at the core of its learning, will even encourage children to learn a foreign language from a young age.

Parents and their children have already experienced the school’s exciting approach to teaching after attending open days over the last year, which featured a visit from Bridlington Animal Park to teach the pupils about owls and meerkats.

Mrs Tanya Riseam, mum to Aaron, 4, who will be joining Hunsley Primary said:

“We decided on Hunsley Primary for Aaron as it’s a brand new school and will have brand new technology. The teachers we have met have been really inspiring and the way the open days have been arranged has been second to none – it has filled us with great deal of confidence and will know Hunsley Primary will be right for Aaron’s learning and development.

“Aaron is definitely ready and eager to learn but I’m not sure I’m ready for him starting school! I will cry on his first day – my last baby growing up and starting school. He is really excited about joining Hunsley Primary and is prepared for school – but I don’t think I am!”

Chris Abbott, Hunsley Trust Executive Principal, said:

“The opening of Hunsley Primary ensures we now have a school structure in place which will give children the same high standards of teaching throughout their entire school life.

“Not only will this ensure that children will learn to the high standards of teaching we implement within every Hunsley Trust school, it will also ensure that the transition from primary school to secondary school and sixth form will be smooth for them thanks to their familiarity with our approach to teaching. This ensures the children will be able to ease into school life right from day one through to the completion of their A Levels at 18 and they will maximise their potential as much as they can.

“The opening of Hunsley Primary is a significant step for the children of East Yorkshire and we are excited to get started.”

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