Sue Mutter

Sue Mutter

Sue Mutter has over 14 years’ experience and expertise in Early Years and primary settings. Having also spent a significant time in Portugal, delivering and supporting learning in the Foundation Stage of an International school, the Oporto British School. Her work with children learning English as a foreign language and teaching early phonics and numeracy has been a particular highlight. Sue enjoys helping children to experiment as they play, creating learning by discovery.

Sue works closely with our Reception Teacher, Rachel Hudson, and Alison Wilson, EYFS TA, as well as other key colleagues, to plan, deliver, observe and assess each week’s provision, ensuring Hunsley Primary children have a stimulating and enabling environment and feel safe, cared for and engaged. She works with children on a one-to-one, whole class or small group basis, supporting each child with their own individual, unique interests and needs. Sue leads Lacerta, the Orange Lizard Key Group team, in Reception.

Sue is a Level 3 qualified Nursery Nurse, CES; BA (Hons)

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